HackFu is finally coming to Austria!

HackFu Austria will take place for the first time in Austria from September 15-17, 2021. In Zwentendorf, experts and talents from the fields of IT, network technology and cybersecurity will prove their skills for 48 hours. In teams of 20 people each, the participants solve tricky challenges relating to security in network and information systems. The challenges revolve around programming, malware analysis, binary code analysis, reverse engineering, logic puzzles, lock picking and much more. The goal? The participants demonstrate in a realistic scenario that they are up to a cyber threat of the highest level.

The HackFu event originally comes from England and has been held annually since 2007 by the IT security company MWR in cooperation with the storytelling agency Chronyko in the UK and South Africa. You can find more information about the events of MWR and Chronyko here.

Now HackFu is coming to Austria for the first time - and we finally revealed where exactly! In Austria's only nuclear power plant, the event will take place in a unique setting which offers the opportunity of a highly realistic scenario! Although the power plant is not currently in operation, our event organizers have done everything to ensure your physical well-being, including beds and three meals a day! Other than that, our participants will use their time in the power plant to solve the tricky challenges which all serve one greater goal: to prove that the Austrian cyber security defense is indeed up and running!

The 3-day gamified challenge in the style of a capture the flag scenario is aimed at a limited number of participants who either work, research and teach (experts) in the field of network and information system security, both in private companies, organizations or in public Service. We also cordially invite everyone who is in training or who has just completed their training (emerging talents). We offer a unique platform in Austria for the exchange between established professionals and new talent.

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