Are you interested in becoming a partner of this extraordinary venture?

Is your company active in the broader sense of network and information technology, as well as security in network and information systems? Then we would be delighted to have you on board for this unique project. There are many opportunities for cooperation with HackFu Austria.

HackFu Austria has set itself the task of bringing together experts and talents from all areas of cyber security in a gamified learning scenario. An ideal platform for your employees to network and exchange ideas with each other, but of course also with other professionals and experts, as well as a select pool of fresh and hungry talent. In addition, HackFu Austria is not aimed exclusively at Austrian players. Through our close cooperation with the English and South African teams, as well as with educational institutions on both sides of the country's borders, HackFu Austria offers a unique opportunity to advance and optimize national know-how and international cooperation in the IT sector.

Are you interested in becoming a partner in this unique initiative in Austria?

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